Change Your Mindset with TV Show Wake Up with Marci

Do you often feel harassed and intimidated? Get ready to change your mindset with the TV Show Wake Up with Marci, whose mission is to give hope and empowerment to those who have faced exploitation and sexual abuse in their lives. Marci Hopkins is an award-winning TV personality, show creator, host, and executive producer of “Wake Up with Marci” which airs on CBS-owned WLNY-TV, channel 10/55 at 10 am on Saturdays.

What is the TV Show Wake Up with Marci All About?

The TV show wake up with Marci is all about spreading hope and empowerment among the victims of exploitation. Each week Marci, along with her guests, shares stories and experiences through educational, engaging, meaningful candid stories and experiences through educational, engaging, meaningful, and candid conversations.

Marci has been stone-cold sober for over five years. She is a sexual abuse survivor, influencer, entrepreneur, and mother dedicated to inspiring her viewers to find hope, strength, and their purposes. Through her TV show, she will inspire you to “Wake Up” and find your passion so that you can live your life to the fullest.

What Does Marci Do When She Does Not Host Her Show?

When Marci does not host her show, she devotes much of her time to her community. She supports the Kumali Organization for orphans in Africa, Uganda, and Ambassador of Survivor Corps, helping to match Covid-19 survivors with those that are sick and helping in finding an immunization. She is also on the board of the YWCA and is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, helping women of sexual assault, and promoting justice, peace, freedom, and dignity for all.

Marci Hopkins has always worked in television. She is known to have attended The Art Institute of Houston, from where she graduated with a bachelor’s in Music and Video Business. She started her career with Fox Cable Group and moved up the ranks. She worked on-air programming and operations and was untimely named Director of On-Air Promotions for FX Network in Los Angeles. She moved to New Jersey 15 years ago with her family and started a new career a few years later. She worked as a commercial and Indie film actor. Once she was healing and finding happiness, she harnessed all of her experience and launched Wake Up with Marci.

Marci has also been voted Media Mompreneur of the Year by New Jersey Family Magazine. She also recently received the Women’s Achievement Award from the New Jersey State Federation Women’s Club and was also honored at their Whiskers and Tails Dinner and Casino Night by the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge.

Background and Career of Marci Hopkins

Marci Hopkins is a Texas girl who started her career in Houston. She went to the Art Institute of Houston to study Music and Video Business. After graduation, she started her career in television. She worked for Fox Cable Group and worked her way up to Director of On-Air Promotions for FX Network in LA. She started a family and retired, moved to New Jersey, and got in front of the camera at the age of forty. She also worked in indie and commercial films.

Briefly Put!

The TV show with Marci Hopkins is a great platform to change your mindset. With Marci’s stories and experiences, you will broaden your horizon and won’t face any exploitation and sexual abuse. Your life will be full of excitement and pleasure.

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