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“Chaos to Clarity, Seeing the Signs and Breaking the Cycles,” is a memoir/self help book paving a new path in recovery with an educational approach for the reader to learn how to see the signs and break the cycles in their own life. It is a guide for healing from your past, making amends in relationships, walking in faith, and creating your most fulfilling life.


Liz McMahon

Brave, honest, vulnerable and beautifully written. Kudos to Marci for being so open and sharing her life story to help others. Well worth reading for anyone!

Philly Guy

Chaos To Clarity was written so well. The Author, Marci Hopkins shares so much of her life that wasn't easy to do. I respect that immensely. Anyone who has had any disfunction in their lives can have a take away from the book. The book gives hope to anyone who has had any kind of trauma or difficulties in their lives that they too can lead their best life too. I highly recommend.

Holly Miller

Rarely have I read a book that not only describes in heartbreaking fashion the pain of childhood trauma but also provides with equal measure many tools and encouragement for those seeking help and answers going forward. Marci was clear that this book had a purpose - to help, guide and inspire and she did it masterfully.


This was a great read. Perfectly written and not stretched out year by year. If you know someone that is struggling with alcohol, buy this book for them. You can break the cycle.

Nadine S

What a beautifully written story, with a lot of important life lessons for anyone. Even if you cannot personally relate to some of the things discussed, odds are you know someone who has gone through it—which provides a little more insight to their struggle. Kudos to Marci for bringing to light such important topics, in a relatable and inspirational way. Definitely a “must read” for all!

Helena Farrell

waiting to share the excitement I felt about the brave woman who when on a limb to write this. Marci is a remarkable survivor, a role model and a woman to admire, applaud, and emulate. You will find solace and hope in this life-altering memoir. Thank you for writing this incredible life-altering and miraculous book.

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