• Entrepreneur and Makeup Artist, Trish McEvoy
  • Cooking with Julie, learn to make a chocolate tart!
  • Dr. Steven Davidowitz, Dentist and Cosmetic Surgeon

Entrepreneur and Makeup Artist, Trish McEvoy, she is the founder and CEO of Trish McEvoy Beauty, she teaches us How To Look our Best on Zoom! www.trishmcevoy.com

Chef Julie Hartigan, better known as Cooking with Julie, shares how to make a Chocolate Raspberry Tart for the holidays. www.cookingwjulie.com

We then meet

Dr. Steven Davidowit, Dr. D, he shares the importance of a smile, how a good smile can be life changing and how he is transforming others with his smile makeover. www.luxurydentistrynyc.com


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