• Suzanne Somers, Anti-aging Expert
  • Orianne Collins, Jewelry Designer and Philanthropist
  • Lisa Mateo, Journalist and Fitness Expert

Suzanne Somers SUZANNE SOMERS – AUTHOR, ENTREPRENEUR AND FOUNDER OF SUZANNE ORGANICS she has established herself as a leading voice on anti-aging. www.suzannesomers.com

Orianne Collins , is a jewellery designer, philanthropist and mother. Hear her story of perseverance and how she is empowering others to “Never Give Up” her foundation helping others with spinal injuries. www.oriannecollins.com

Lisa Mateo, Journalist and Certified Personal Trainer shares with us how to Set Ourselves up for Success During the Holidays. She shares some tips and tools, like Agogie RESISTANCE TRAINING PANTs. www.agogie.com www.lisamateo.net


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