• Serial Entrepreneur & Author Jim Markham
  • Child Safety Expert Rahel Bayar
  • Author Dr. Loretta Friedman

Serial Entrepreneur Jim Markham, author of the Autobiography “Big Lucky” and founder of PureOlogy Hair Care, shares his tips for success. www.JimMarkham.com @BigLuckyBook

Child Safety Expert, Rahal Bayar, discusses keeping our children safe during the holiday season. www.thebayargroup.com @rahel.bayar

Dr. Loretta T Friedman, Author of “The Lymph-Link: Solving the Mysteries of Inflammation, Toxicity, and Breast Health Issues”, discusses the “Link” between breast health and toxicity and shares tips on what you can do to protect yourself. www.SynergyHealthAssociates.com @SynergyHealhAssociates

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