Author & Interventionist Mike Diamond

Mike Diamond – author, podcast host, TV personality, director, life coach, and interventionist. Mike will be sharing his powerful journey to sobriety and how he guides thousands on the path to recovery. Stay tuned as Mike delves into his role on A&E’s ‘Interventionist’ and inspires us to tune in to his story of transformation. 

Author Lynn Walker

Lynn Walker, author of the gripping memoir ‘Midnight Calling: A Memoir of a Smuggler’s Daughter.’ Lynn shares her profound journey from addiction to recovery, revealing her turning point towards self-discovery and redemption. Through her latest release ‘Breaking Midnight,’ Lynn opens up about her personal story of resilience and growth. 

Infuse & Booze Founders Amy McCall and Jamie Laybourne

Meet the dynamic duo behind Infuse & Booze – Amy McCall and Jamie Laybourne. Founded in 2022, their brand offers cocktail and mocktail infusion kits that make crafting delicious drinks at home a breeze. Infuse & Booze is on a mission to enhance your drinking experience with handcrafted infusion kits that add a fun and simple twist to any occasion.

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