• Actress Candi Milo
  • NKD LDY Founder Becca Gardner
  • Doctor of Optometry Dr. Jason Compton

Voice Over Queen, actress, and author of “Surviving the Odd” Candi Milo, shares her inspiring story and discusses mental illness.  www.candimilo.com @thecandimilo

Becca Gardner, Founder of NKD LDY, shares her story, and shows us we do not have to hit rock bottom or have our lives crumble before we make a positive decision to quit drinking.                                         www.drinknkdldy.com @nkdldy @beccagardner_etal

Dr. Jason Compton is a member of the American Optometric Association (AOA), who is also a gamer, educates us on the amount of time we are spending on our devices and how it’s affecting our vision. www.AOA.org/EyeDeserveMore

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